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We will periodically list cars and parts for sale.

Member cars will take first priority and as time and space allows, We will add other cars that are known and might be of interest to members and prospective members.

  • The standard disclaimers apply.

  • The Club does not endorse or in any way imply endorsement of particular cars and/or owners.

  • No warranties expressed or implied.

  • 2 liter Pinto head (complete, stock) $200

  • 2 liter Pinto intake (stock) $75

  • Pinto 2 liter crank. $250

  • Oil pump form 2 liter F2000 (Van Dieman?)

  • Two, Crane XR 3000 ignitions with distributors $300 each.

  • NTK Air Fuel Ration Monitor (New) $175

  • 7.25” Quarter Master Clutch Assy. With Flywheel $275.

  • Two, 7.25” Quarter Master Clutch Assembles $175 each.

  • Two, Tilton 7.25” clutches, Cover, Disk and Pressure Plates. $300 each

  • Two, 14 lb Flywheels $100 each

  • Four, JE Racing Pistons. Used, but in great shape $200.

For information and photos, contact Denny Gernert at

GRE Mobile Drivers Lounge for sale
Approx. 25000 miles -gas engine big chevy 8.
Tow package with reinforced hitch.

Asking 29,000. Any questions please contact Scott Gates-540-664-4148

Meticulously and professionally maintained car.

Car underwent an extensive refurbishing in the winter of 2014 which

-New Monococque
-New Stainless Steel headers / exhuast system
-New firesystem
-New fuel cell
-New Bodywork

Since then, the car has had the Koni shock absorbers rebuilt by ANZE, and has a Quicksilver engine installed with just a few race weekends on it.

Other Spares include:

-Complete set of new Jongbloed wheels
-Full set of brand new bodywork

Car was restored and prepped by Powerslide Motorsports in NJ, which is also
where the car is now.

Asking $32,000

For more information call 732 539 8779

Drew Kessler


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