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Jun 27, 2018
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Hi all, I've been doing lots of sports 2000 reading. Seems like awesome cars and a great value. I have a few questions. 1. is there any attempt to equalize the performance of the different model cars (for example through adjusting the minimum weights), or are there certain models that are clearly superior in each class? If there's no equalization, what are the most competitive cars in each class? 2. What are replacement part availability like? are there certain models to stay away from because the parts aren't available anymore? I assume new body panels are NLA, and everyone is making new bodies from custom made molds? 3. What is the rebuild cost on the engine / transmission, and how many competitive hours can be expected from them? 4. What class and/or car models would you recommend? 5. Is anyone racing these cars with NASA? what classes? any chance of them being competitive? 6. Is there a way to actually put a passenger in the car? for an instructor, friends/family, etc. Thanks! Matt


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