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2022 The Year of Vintage Sports 2000

Ladies and Gentlemen -

The Board of Directors has set our 2022 Schedule. The Board has placed the highest priority on running our events as an event-long dedicated group (no class-mixing) with the most cooperative clubs. As we all know, a maximum entry count is the assurance of a dedicated group.

We will begin the season in late-April at Road Atlanta with HSR as The Feature for "The Mitty." We will have our own group and our own paddock area at Atlanta. Next up, after many member requests, is Barber Motorsports Park in Leeds, Alabama with HSR. We will finally visit Canadian Tire (Mosport) for the VARAC Festival in June, assuming that travel is unrestricted; please note the special advance-entry deal with VARAC - enter before 12/31 and pay in June for maximum savings. Our mid-summer 'East vs. West' challenge (details to follow) in July will be at Autobahn Country Club with FRP in Joliet, Ill. and New Jersey Motorsports Park in Millville, NJ with SVRA (no TransAm, Miatas, etc.). Next up is Summit Point with FRP in late-August. Our only opportunity to visit Watkins Glen this season is with the Finger Lakes Region at The Fun One in mid-September; long course on Sat. and short course on Sun.! Finally, we'll finish the 2022 season at PittRace in October.

One additional enhancement which the Board will institute next season at each event will be our own Drivers' Committee. Our Committee will monitor everyone's behavior and coordinate with the organizing club's Drivers' Committee in the event of any problems to assure fair and appropriate outcomes. We've had such a committee at some past events but will do so at each event going forward.

Our sponsors are generous; in this very inconsistent commercial environment, they can be difficult to recruit and sustain. Many have asked for more robust representation at the race track. The Board will, therefore, enforce a minimum of six sponsor decals on each entrant's flanks in order to be eligible to participate in any prize-winning. Please ask Denny for a sponsor packet and affix your sponsor decals prior to your first event to avoid any disappointment!

2022 VS2NA:

Road Atlanta HSR April 28 - May 1

Barber HSR May 19 - 22

Mosport VARAC June 17 - 19

Autobahn FRP July 8 - 10

NJMP SVRA July 29 - 31

Summit Point FRP Aug. 19 - 21

Watkins Glen SCCA Sept. 16 - 18

PittRace FRP Oct. 14 - 16


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