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Final Race of the Year - PittRace FRP

The Pitt Race was run in FRP’s usual professional manner. Race one on Saturday saw the field start in sunny, but cool and windy conditions. Brent Gernert ran off into the lead while spirited racing ensued between Simon Green, Jim Hallman, and Tom Kane for second overall. A bit further back Vince LaManna, Greg Miller and Rhett Merriman had their own close racing. A turn one dust up saw Vince take third in the VS2 class.

Sundays race was run under warmer, yet still cool condition, with a reduced field since Simon and Rhett found problems with their cars. The race was a “Sunday Drive” thru the rolling hills and fall colors of western PA, with Brent once again winning overall in S2, and Jim Hallman taking first again the the VS2 class. Tom Kane was first in HS2 in both races.

Congratulations to VS2na’s class winners for 2022. John Thompson in S2, Rhett Merriman in VS2, and Tom Kane in HS2.

Below is a list of this years top three in each class..

Good job gentleman.


1. John Thompson

2. Henry Payne V

3. Henry Payne


1. Rhett Merriman

2. Jim Hallman

3. Roger Cassin


1. Tom Kane

2. Tom LaCosta

3. Brent Knoll


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