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Preceded by the International 2-liter, two-seat FIA Group 6 sports racing car class, Sports 2000 was the creation of Brands Hatch circuit owner John Webb in 1976, an antidote to the high costs and dwindling entries of the Chevrons, Lolas and Abarths in the early and mid 1970's.

By 1980, the class had caught on and the competition was hot!

With a tightly controlled motor specification, reasonable tire bills and the support of the largest and most successful commercial racing car manufacturers at the time, the first race was held at Oulton Park in April 1977 and won by Olympic ski champion, Divina Galica, in a Lola T-490.

US Lola importer Carl Haas brought over five T-492's for a group of SCCA racers in the Midwest in the fall of 1978, the class being accorded SCCA National status in 1980 and continuing on today.

These cars have a strong following internationally, with active groups particularly in the UK and the USA along with those in Scandinavia, the Netherlands and Australia.

With sustained cornering loadings near 2g's and the relative safety of the aluminum or tube-framed chassis structure, these cars are roomy and very competent! They're classic in their appearance to the great sports racers of the day.

What's even more remarkable is how equal all of the chassis are in terms of performance potential, making Sports 2000 a real “drivers class.”

Wherever you are in experience or motivation, you'll be able to find someone to race with.

If you find yourself running at the front, you'll truly know you have developed the skills to be there, the field is that deep and that good!

Fully aluminum monocoque chassis, glued and riveted together like an airplane fuselage, Sports 2000 cars are “mini Can-Am cars” in construction and very nearly in performance!

Sports 2000 Manufacturers

  • Lola

  • Tiga

  • Swift

  • March

  • Shrike

  • Ocelot

  • Apache

  • Chevron

  • Reynard

  • Shannon

  • Pratt & Miller

  • Van Diemen

  • Crossle

  • Doran


Tightly controlled German Ford 2-liter SOHC for equal performance, long life and inexpensive maintenance

  • Cast-iron cylinder head

  • Original Crane (Ford Motorsport) or Elgin cam

  • 1310 lbs / 1335 lbs (Elgin) minimum weight with driver

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