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D.1 NAC-SRCC Technical Bulletin #1 – January 25, 2005

Swift DB-2 Bodywork:

The NAC-SRCC Technical Committee has been asked to clarify the proper configuration and dimensions of the legal and desired DB-2 bodywork, specifically the tail.

While the top overall length dimension, including the integral spoiler on the DB-5 tail, is identical to the top overall length dimension, including the detachable “duckbill” extension on the DB-2, it is mandatory that the top dimension of any car presented, under no circumstance, be more than 74″ long. The side dimensions of the tail in NAC-SRCC-legal configuration are required to be the dimensions shown in Figure 2. The “duckbill,” while preferably detachable as original, must be no larger than the dimensions in Figure 3. The duckbill is available for sale from Motorsports Composites in Wisconsin for a reasonable price. The duckbill may be made of fiberglass or aluminum and must have a wicker mounted on a vertical plane at the rearmost point on the duckbill.

It is possible to reduce the side length of a DB-5 tail to the dimension in Figure 2 and attach a duckbill not exceeding the dimensions in Figure 3 for use in the NAC-SRCC series. Remember, our goal is to present the cars in their most historically accurate form – specifically as they were raced before the December 31, 1986 eligibility cut-off date.

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